N. R. M – Ujjeevana

N. R. M – Ujjeevana
Establishment of a Responsive Civil Society through Animation & Empowerment Programmes in 10 Villages – 4 Panchayats of Kalaburagi District in Karnataka.

Goal: 910 marginalized households of 10 villages of 4 gram panchayats in 1 block of Kalaburagi District in Karnataka state have ensured sustainable livelihood opportunities through organic farming and by attaining their legitimate rights and entitlements.

  • Strengthening and formation of New SHG’s / FARMER’s Groups
  • Trainings and Awareness of Agriculture related Govt. Schemes, various Govt. Schemes, RTI/RIF/RTE, MGNREGA, and Organic Farming.
  • IEC – Information Dissemination
  • Training and demonstration of multi cropping and Distribution of kitchen garden seeds
  • Skills development Training, Animal Husbandry and IGP activities.
  • Interface meetings with Farmers, PRI and officials
  • Trainings on Participation in Grama Sabha and Ward Sabha
  • Capacity building to key staff by various other trainings on creating model villages.
  • Training on financial inclusion
  • Health check-up camp
  • Street plays on Farmers Issues
Kotnoor D, Nandhikur, Naganahalli, Udanoor, Sithnur, Nandur K, Dharnmapur, Honnakiranagi, Tilgoal, Farthabad.
Basic Rights Entitlements: 637 (70% of 910 HH) marginalized families will have 50 % increase in access to various Government schemes by the end of March 2017.
  • 4 New SHG’s Formed
  • 491 marginalized families started getting benefits from the various Govt. schemes
  • Old age pensions 49, of Rs. 500/- per month (24,500)
  • Widow pensions 23, of Rs. 500/- per month (11,500)
  • Disabled pensions 10, of Rs. 1200/- per month (12,000)
  • 35 pregnant women benefited by Rs. 1000/- Under JSY Scheme (35,000)
  • 39 families have received BPL ration Card
  • 14 SHG’s have got loan from Different source like Bank and Samruddi. Total Amount is 22,82,000
  • 42 members have Rajivgandhi Chaitany Yojane total amount 21,00,000
  • 50 member have received Basava Housing scheme total amount 77,25,000
  • 51 member have received Ambedkar housing scheme total amount 85,57,800
  • 72 members received Labour Card,
  • 16 Children got scholarship from Labour Department (14X Rs.3000 & 2X Rs.5000)
  • 15 Women got Rajeev Gandhi Chitany Yojane
  • 188 new job cards issued to the eligible candidates
  • 252 members got MGNREGA job work Total amount is 746,200
  • 218 Members have applied for toilets and 38 completed by swach Bharat mission
  • 51 new Adhar cards issued
  • Udogini scheme 3 Amount 1,50,000
  • 292 women have actively participated in Grama sabha and eligible beneficiary have selected for schemes.
  • 5 members have applied for Bhagyalaxmi Yojane
  • 37 members have received Madilu Kittu
Livelihood: 728 (80%) Marginalized households of Gulbarga district will have increased income up to 50% through sustainable agriculture and other livelihood options by the end of March 2017.
  • 12 departments have started building linkage with community (Agriculture-KVK, RSK, Gram Panchayat, Veterinary, Nabard, Horticulture, Social Welfare Department & Labour Department)
  • 4 New Farmers groups were formed
  • 113 members started gaining income through IGPs with the economical support and doing vegetable vending, hotel, petty shops, carpentry, bamboo products and goat rearing and getting Rs. 2000 – 5000 additional income per month
  • 656 marginal farmers have articulated about their eligibility avail the schemes
  • 221 farmers promoted multi cropping, they got extra income of Rs. 5,000 – 15,000 per acre
  • 3 Farmers have received Krishi Honda from Agriculture department total amount 1,52,000
  • 26 farmers have received agriculture equipment’s like pump set, Rotavator.
  • 168 Farmers crop covered under Pradhan Mantri Phasal Bhima Yojana.
  • 172 Women have practicing kitchen garden.
  • 30 farmers have tasted soil from their field for better cultivation
  • 25 Farmers are using vermi Compost in their field
  • 110 Farmers have received Seeds under subsidy scheme from Agriculture Department
  • 70 Farmers from Kalaburagi have participated in Krishimela in Raichur
  • 5 members have received vermin compost scheme total amount 59,000
  • 150 Farmers have participated in Krishi mela
  • 320 Farmers have participated in Siri Dhanya mela
  • 95 women have got skill training under Rajiv Gandhi Chitany Yojane