Volunteer Manual of SEVASANGAMA

Volunteer Manual of SEVASANGAMA
Purpose of the Manual:

SEVASANGAMA, welcomes you warmly to our sphere of Volunteer Action – a resourceful and passionate platform where Volunteers/Interns commit their time and skills. This Volunteer Manual aims to assist you as a guide and provides each of our Volunteers/Interns, a better understanding of our volunteering practices.

The manual also states volunteering program in brief and provide a set of guidelines that SEVASANGAMA Volunteers/Interns are expected to adhere to as a member of SEVASANGAMA and specifically in the course of their interactions with various entities as a representative of SEVASANGAMA. As SEVASANGAMA Volunteer/Intern, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the contents of the manual. To retain necessary flexibility in the administration of manual, SEVASANGAMA reserves the right to change, add to, or eliminate any of the matters in this manual.

Key focus of Volunteer’s work in SEVASANGAMA:
  • Amplifying voices of Women, children, marginal farmers and Differently abled and communities through empowering and taking up collaborative social actions to bring an impact in the Society.
  • Changing one’s own attitude and practice and triggering change in others through awareness campaigns in Society.
  • Contributing skills, knowledge, expertise and time to execute few tasks that supports SEVASANGAMA.
  • Imparting basic education, skill education, self employment and Income Generation knowledge, environment preservation etc
  • Online campaigns, MIS, Social Networking, preparing Brochures, Fund Raising Activities and events.

Volunteering Opportunities in SEVASANGAMA:
SEVASANGAMA offers exposure on diverse aspects of Social Development to keeping in mind the background of its volunteers and their varied interests, skills, knowledge and time availability. Charity or relief mode of volunteering is not encouraged at SEVASANGAMA. We encourage involvement of volunteers through collaborative social action that addresses the root causes and brings in direct or indirect impact in the Society we serve. OBRIT believes in providing equal role to volunteers to design and to execute tasks or events rather than making them only implementers of events and activities (except in internship and skill based volunteering). Volunteering is also unique because SEVASANGAMA offers grass root level exposure, opportunities to get in touch directly with beneficiaries, communities and concerned stakeholders to realize a positive change.

Registration and Commitment as a Volunteer:

Volunteer Recruitment:
Volunteers/Interns recruited through means such as online campaigns, media announcements, public events, verbal communication, and SEVASANGAMA’s publications. SEVASANGAMA networks with Residential Welfare and Civic Associations, Academic Institutions, Corporate Houses and Public places to reach out to volunteers.

b) Volunteer Screening:
SEVASANGAMA doesn’t have a screening process for volunteers. Interested candidates who are willing to commit for social work are invited to be part of SEVASANGAMA’s volunteer program with necessary documents and permissions.

c) Volunteer Orientation and Registration:
Every candidate who wishes to volunteer at SEVASANGAMA needs to undergo Volunteer Orientation (Induction) program for two days. This orients a volunteer on the vision, mission, values, focus, approach and programs of SEVASANGAMA and nature Volunteering program. It becomes a platform for volunteers to understand the programs, clarify queries and choose volunteering fields.

SEVASANGAMA facilitates Volunteer Orientation programs in different academic institutions, corporate offices, and residential areas on a need basis. There is no online orientation program for volunteers. Interested candidates / groups can email or telephone to contact us. Duly filled SEVASANGAMA Volunteer Registration form has to be submitted to office at the end of the Orientation session.

d) Taking up Volunteer assignments and execution:
Volunteers have to select the one of the Social Action Program (SAP) according to the proximity to their residence / area of interest to begin assignment. There is opportunity to be a virtual Volunteer and contribute in online campaigns or initiate in their neighbourhood/corporate/residential association or among their professional network based on guidance and permission of SEVASANGAMA. Volunteers are expected to commit a reasonable amount of time for SEVASANGAMA and must wholeheartedly execute the assigned task/ event.

e) Supportive Supervision:
SEVASANGAMA representatives or field supporting team will supervise and mentor the volunteers. There will be guided planning and implementation of the activities for every volunteer as per the field chosen along with the field support team. They will guide volunteers throughout the volunteering program. There will be weekly and monthly evaluations and reviews for volunteers.

f) Changing Locations:
In case a registered volunteer wishes to change his working area to other location of SEVASANGAMA working area, it has to be reported and duly approved by the concerned authority with the reasons for the changing the locations. There is only one provision to make such change.

g) Leaving Volunteer Program/Taking short breaks/Remaining Inactive:
SEVASANGAMA does not decide on duration of volunteering rather it is the choice of the volunteer. In case of a volunteer not being able to continue volunteering for some reason, he/she must bring it to the notice of the concerned authority in writing by mentioning the reason for the same. The Volunteer can make a comeback as per his/ her wish once again as there is no restriction.

h) Dismissal or Legal Sanctions
In case Volunteer or his actions have been found detrimental to organization, its staff, beneficiaries, stakeholders and communities the volunteer will be asked to discontinue with prior information to his/ her superiors or concerned persons. The volunteer must not involve in any kind of antisocial, anti constitutional activities. In case the volunteer has violated any of the rights of the person (i.e. Child Abuse/ Women Sexual Harassment/ frauds/ violation of Traffic Rules etc) during the volunteering program, he/ she shall face legal trial as per the law of the land at his/ her own expense and SEVASANGAMA will not be party to it.

i) Volunteer Certificates:
Volunteers who serve SEVASANGAMA for more than three months are entitled to Volunteering Certificate others will only get an appreciation letter from SEVASANGAMA for their services based on their performance, commitment, execution, taking up responsibilities and being consistent and regular. SEVASANGAMA will not provide certificates to volunteers who have just participated in one or two activities/ events unless if it is agreed upon prior to the event.

j) Reimbursement of Expenses:
SEVASANGAMA does not provide any stipend or remuneration to Volunteers. A minimum budget would be made available only for SAP activities as mentioned below. SEVASANGAMA may reimburse the following expenses upon submission of receipts and other supporting documents that would be required. Expenses incurred in carrying out activities, campaigns or events in field, if there is budget available. Volunteers need to check with the respective SEVASANGAMA coordinators for the details of the available fund and a detailed budget plan needs to be done together with the SEVASANGAMA Program Manager. SEVASANGAMA will not be able to reimburse, if the expense exceeds the approved budget limit. In case of a partnership or group volunteering (such as College Collectives), budgetary aspects would need to be discussed as part of a MOU signed.

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