Success Stories

Success Story – Self suffieciency….
Name – Lalitha W/o Gundurao
SHG Name- Vijayalaxmi
Village – Nandikur

Lalitha was a poor woman lived with her husband who worked as Auto Driver and three sons who studied in the Govt Primary School. She was unaware of the Govt projects and schemes hence lived aloof, not much involved in the community. Indeed she was looking out for an opportunity to improve her life.

At this juncture, the Sevasangama Ujeevana animator Miss Megha visited the village and informed about the programs benefits and encouraged women to get organised as a Self Help Group for empowering themselves as powerful individual who make the change happen.So the formation of Vijaylaxmi SHG with 20 members was formed and Lalitha was appointed as the secretory of this SHG.

Women in group took initiative to work together for the good of the individual as well as the Society. They actively participated in the training programs of the center and conducted various programmes to promote women’s welfare.

Lalitha was constantly guided by the staff of Sevasangama to benefit from Ujeevana program and encouraged her to attend the training programme on Kitchen Garden. As a result Lalitha started a Kitchen Garden next to her house. At present she is growing varities of vegetables, flowers and fruits.

Now Lalitha is economically empowered and is able to earn her living through vegetable cultivation. She is also aware of the importance of nutrition food and of creating healthy, clean and green environment for her family and neighbours.